Have you received your tax evaluation for 2023? Did your property taxes go way up? Not sure what to do?

Here are some quick facts!

  • The deadline for protesting your Notice of Valuation is June 8th, 2023. Essential to submit your appeal before this date.
  • The Assessor suggests submitting your appeal via Email to [email protected]. You can also submit it via mail, in-person at the Breckenridge Assessor's office, or by using the online filing protest application here.
  • Key Points when Submitting:

      - Only Appeal using ONE of the above four methods.

      - Agents CANNOT Appeal online.

      - Appeals must be received or postmarked by June 8th, 2023

      - You are encouraged to make an appointment to chat with an appraiser or to call or email them.

  • Important Resources:

      - Access your property information Here! You will need your 'Schedule Number', which can be found on your Notice of Valuation.

      -  Here is the link for additional Resources on Time Adjusted Models and Reappraisal Sales Lists.

  • Important Dates:

      - June 30th, 2022: Appraisel Date. This is the date all properties were adjusted within the model, as in the final day of the date collection period.

      - January 1st, 2023: Assessment Date. Properties are assessed as they exsist on this date of each tax year.

      - 7/1/2017 - 6/30/2022: Data Collection Period. Summit County uses a 5-year data collection period for more accurate creation of regression models.

      - 5/1/2023 - 6/8/2023: Assessor Appeal Period. The period in which property owners may file appeals, with June 8th being the FINAL submittal deadline.

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