Wintergreen project to bring almost 200 affordable housing units to Keystone

KEYSTONE — The Village at Wintergreen in Keystone is officially open to Vail Resorts seasonal employees and will continue to open more units throughout the winter and spring to Summit County employees. The multibuilding development is located at 280 Antlers Gulch Road, Keystone, and features community amenities like internet, community laundry facilities, a playground and dog park, a community garden and bus services. 

The project and associated affordable rent prices were developed via a collaboration between the Summit Board of County Commissioners, Vail Resorts and the developer, Gorman & Company. Representatives of the three groups gathered on Thursday, Dec. 12, to discuss the development. 

“With the housing crisis that we know has been happening and occurring for a number of years in Summit County, we’re delighted to be delivering a spectrum of workforce housing that meets people at different income ranges that are working here locally in Keystone and in Summit County,” Kimball Crangle, Colorado market president for Gorman & Company, said.

The available workforce housing units are broken up by units that are rented based on low income housing tax credits, units that are rent-capped based on area median income and units that are rented to Vail Resorts seasonal employees. Thirty-six units are master leased by Vail Resorts for seasonal employee housing. Then, 40 units, which are one-, two- and three-bedroom units are income restricted by tax credits. These rents are broken down as follows:

Rent for families or individuals at 30% AMI: $447 for a one-bedroom unit, $531 for a two-bedroom unit
Rent for families or individuals at 50% AMI: $787 for a one-bedroom unit, $939 for a two-bedroom unit, $1,084 for a three-bedroom unit
Rent for families or individuals at 60% AMI: $957 for a one-bedroom unit, $1,143 for a two-bedroom unit, $1,319 for a three-bedroom unit

The remaining 120 apartment units include 31 one-bedroom and 89 two-bedroom apartment homes and are rent-capped to 100% of AMI rent level.  These units will start opening in the early spring. 

“(We’re) really working closely with Summit County to ensure that not only are these apartment homes available for the local workforce, but that they remain affordable in perpetuity,” Crangle said. “A lot of times in the state of Colorado people assume that rents cannot be capped, however we have found a way and an avenue to work collaboratively in a way that works with state Legislature laws to be able to provide a rent-capped lease.”

Summit County employees interested in the apartments can call 970-368-6390 and Vail Resorts seasonal employees can call 970-496-4790 or visit Aside from assisting in the planning of the development, Summit County provided a $300,000 loan to help fund the project.

“I think that this is such a great collaboration and it’s really the name of the game in that none of us can do this alone,” Summit County Commissioner Elisabeth Lawrence said. “We’ve provided a really great place for people in the Snake River Basin to live, work and play. It’s really a spectrum of housing for all types of individuals, whether it’s a studio or a three-bedroom unit for families. We’re really proud to get this open.”

Some Vail Resorts seasonal employees are currently living in the new apartments, as they opened to employees in early December. 

“A project like this doesn’t happen without incredible collaboration,” Bill Rock, senior vice president of the Vail Resorts Rocky Mountain Division, said. “It really is a true testament to what everybody can do when they work together to build a project like this. So as I toured through it, I just couldn’t help but be excited for our employees who are going to have a spectacular place to live and a spectacular community.”

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