What should you look for in an agent when selling your unit

Question: We are interviewing agents to list our home in Keystone. We want to maximize the amount of money that we get when we sell and pretty much have decided to choose the agent who suggests the highest price. What else should we look for?


Answer: People looking to sell their home usually turn to a Realtor. Realtors not only make it a far less troublesome process, but they can help sellers get a lot more money than they would have putting the house on the market themselves. However, finding the right practitioner isn't always a simple process.  Lou Hrono, sales analyst, suggests interviewing at least three possible candidates, all of whom should be willing to discuss their most recent sales of similar-sized homes made in the neighborhood. According to Hrono, the three worst reasons to select a salesperson are that they name the highest selling price, they charge the lowest commission, or they say they already have a buyer in mind. Realtors who name the highest selling price can end up losing money for the consumer, not only because a property priced too high will end up sitting on the market without any activity, but it will also cause the sale of competitive properties which are priced correctly. In addition, salespeople who say they'll charge a lower commission are doing so at the expense of advertising the house. Finally, there's no guarantee that the "interested buyer" actually exists. The most crucial characteristics to look for in a real estate agent is someone who knows the area and who is a full-time Realtor. Ó2008 Information.Inc.

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