Tuesday Morning Coffee

Happy Tuesday to you!   
Kelie and I had a fabulous time at this year’s Star Power Conference….it was fun, educational, and very motivational.  There were over 1,200 attendees including 180 top producing “Stars” from across the country exchanging ideas and experiences in hopes of mutually growing and improving their businesses. 
 On Saturday the general session included 4 real estate powerhouses….Jim Gillespie, the President of Coldwell Banker; Earl Lee, President of Prudential; Gary Keller, President of Keller Williams; and Allan Domb, a top selling agent in Philadelphia.  The message to Realtors that extends beyond real estate was….the market we’re in today is the one we have to deal with.  Don’t wait for it to get better…you get better
 A lot of time was spent discussing the economy.  Realtors are making a strong push to not only extend the $8,000 first-time home buyer credit that expires the end of November but to increase it to $15,000 for all primary residence buyers.  The current credit has definitely stimulated the “first-time” home buyer segment, however, many of these buyers are buying up bank-owned and short sale properties.  These sales are not creating the domino effect as anticipated.  If the credit is extended to all buyers, the real estate market would take-off.  
 A statistic that was shared that I found compelling is that the sale of one home generates an average of $63,101 of economic activity into the local economy.  21% of our GDP is real estate related. 
In summary, you’ve heard me say it before, “Real Estate is local”.  The national experts are anticipating Denver to be one of the first markets to recover from the housing crisis. This bodes well for the future of Summit County real estate because the majority of buyers here are from the front range of Colorado. The future looks bright!
And now for your Tuesday“Afternoon” Coffee…..”Stop waiting for the storm to end and start dancing in the rain.”
Make it a great day!
As always, our success is dependent on your
continued support and referrals. 

Who do you know that is planning a move?

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