Top patios and decks to dine outside in Summit County

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A small silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic is the resurgence of the pedestrian mall and open-air seating. Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, Denver’s 16th Street Mall and Fort Collin’s Old Town were some of my first destinations when I came to Colorado, and I’ve always wanted the concept to catch on more.

Now Breckenridge and Frisco have entered the game by closing off portions of their streets and letting shops and restaurants expand out into the road. I’m going to miss it when the experiment ends, but at least some establishments have wonderful patios and decks regardless.

The safest and healthiest way to support a restaurant is to order food to-go. However, sitting outside is generally perceived as being the better choice over dining indoors. If you plan to eat on location, here are a few of my favorite places that have great decks and patios. Remember to always have a mask completely covering your nose and mouth before being seated at your table. 


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