The Lowdown on Uptown 240 in Dillon Colorado

Listen in as Allison Simson give you the lowdown on Uptown 240 here in Dillon, CO.

  • What Is Uptown 240? Uptown 240 is a "work in progress" condominium development in Dillon, Colorado. The project was started a couple of years ago and has yet to reach completion. Many residents are wondering why that is.
  • What Will Uptown 240 Be Like When It's Finished? These residences are a collection of 80-luxury mountain and Lakeview Condominiums located just steps away from Lake Dillon. They boast a mountain-casual vibe combined with chic modern design and authentic local features.
  • Where Can I Get Updates On This Project? For more information visit their website at AND stay tuned for more Dear Ally videos for updates on progress!
  • Where Can I Get Tickets To Watch The Crane Come Down? Just's free! #byecrane

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