Tax Assessor Fun

What's that they say?  April snowstorms bring more May snowstorms?  Something like that...yes, it's still snowing in Summit County- A-Basin has over a 100 inch base! Crazy good skiing there...if you can still stand to put the ski boots on!   


It's property assessment time in Summit County again and here's an article you'll find interesting: Article on this year's assessments  Values overall are down 16% from 2009.  The good news is that the number of sales in Summit County year to date are up 23% over same time 2010 (224 sales in 2010, 276 sales this year).  So, yes, prices are still declining, but more buyers are feeling confident that Summit County is a great place to own property!  Is the bottom in sight?  Perhaps, but we won't know for sure that we've hit bottom until the market begins to go up again.  Note to buyers:  The best time to buy is when prices are falling, not when they are appreciating!   


For more specific reports about the  market in Summit County click below: 

1) Dillon

2) Wildernest/Silverthorne

3) Frisco

4) Breckenridge

5) Keystone

6) Summit County Overall

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