Summit County sales stats

It's offcially mud season in Summit County!  How do I know?  Well, the snow is melting (duh!)....but the main indicator is that many of the local restaurants are having their 2 for 1 specials.  It's a great time to go out to dinner! 

I can never get enough statistical information to keep my up on what our market is doing, and I just received this from one of our title companies, Title company of the Rockies.  I think the information is concise and the graphs are easy to grasp.   

The bottom line is that as you will see in the “2011 First Quarter Analysis”, Q1 2011 Transaction Numbers are up significantly compared to Q1 2010; 34.18%. Additionally, the Dollar Volume for the same time period is up as well; 23.74%. Looking at these percentage increases (34.18% and 23.74%) it is clear Transaction Numbers outperform Dollar Volume indicating Sales Prices continue to drop.  

Our inventory is down from last year....remember your high school economics?  Supply down, demand up?  We should see some stabilization in many segments of the market this summer - particularly the condo and townhome market. 

Summit County Statistics 

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