Strategies For Improved Time Management

This week, I am in a very fun city - San Diego - speaking at a national real estate conference- Star Power.  One of the topics I'm presenting on is "Choice Management"....managing choices in order to optimize time.  As a working mom, there are never enough hours in the day, so this topic resonates with me.
Here is a list of Time Management Skills that I came across- see if any of these might help make your day more efficient - and fun!
    -  Put your goals in writing
    -  Set priorities
    -  Make a daily "to do" list
    -  Work from your "to do" list
    -  Do first things first - start with the high priority items on your list
    -  Each time you handle a piece of paper, do something to move it along
    -  Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place
    -  Learn how you spend your time by periodically auditing your time usage with a time log
    -  Accept interruptions as part of your job, but keep them short
    -  Assert your right to control your time by saying "NO"
    -  Resist distractions
    -  Reorganize your work area to maximize your efficiency
    -  Look for new techniques to make you more effective and efficient
    -  Turn a crisis into an opportunity - try new ideas and methods
    -  Plan daily, weekly, and monthly
    -  Set deadlines for yourself and meet them
    -  Differentiate between urgent tasks and important tasks
    -  Keep it simple
    -  Don't postpone difficult tasks
    -  Make definite appointments; confirm them and keep them
    -  Make a special effort to get what you want out of the first hour of the day
    -  Do your most important work during your high energy periods
    -  Identify and systematically eliminate time wasters
    -  Focus on being "effective" (doing the right things) before being "efficient"

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