Happy Spring 2022! Real Estate Explosion -The Good Kind

Happy Spring 2022!

Real Estate Explosion -The Good Kind

Thousands of words have been written about the hottest real estate market in recent history in Summit County, and there’s little to add that hasn’t already been said. While there are dozens of stats which are noteworthy (see below for some of them), I want to acknowledge that in addition to all the tragedy and sorrow that have burdened so many around the globe, there is much golden opportunity in our community.

People from around the country are flocking to our county – and staying longer than ever.  Property managers are scrambling to keep up with the demand – and the towns are equally scrambling to adjust their short-term regulations to help maintain the balance between locals and visitors. Our heads are spinning trying to keep up with the information.

New restaurants and hotels are popping up and the new developments that come on the market are getting snapped up quickly.  The face of the county (especially Silverthorne) is evolving and we are navigating the growing pains.

Prices have continued to appreciate – and not showing signs of slowing -despite the increase in interest rates. Real estate continues to outpace inflation.

Pricing is challenging as many buyers are willing to pay over asking price – and higher than previous sales. 

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