Shoutout Saturday - Dogsong Animal Training and Behavior

For this week’s Shoutout Saturday, Summit Real Estate’s Allison Simson is Shouting Out our neighbor, Lyn Manson Kruger the owner of Dogsong Animal Training and Behavior!

Here’s a little bit about her process!

How She Trains: As a positive reinforcement marker trainer, she works with the principles of operant conditioning and classical conditioning. Though safety is a primary concern in all human-animal relationships, bond-building and trust drive healthy relationships. The ability to establish effective two-way communication is contingent upon mutual respect and the desire to knowledgeably read, interpret and appropriately respond to your canine partner’s body language and emotional state.

Location: 330 Dillon Ridge Way Suite #8 in Dillon
Phone: (970) 376-3934

For more information on Lyn and her services, reach out! Or stop by!

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