Mobile veterinarian clinic prepares to debut services in Summit County

Meet Passion Fur Paw, a mobile veterinary clinic that will soon roll its way into Summit County


Danielle Jehn-Campbell poses for a photo with a patient in her new mobile clinic, Passion Fur Paws.
Danielle Jehn-Campbell/ Passion Fur Paws

Many veterinarians will tell you it was their lifelong dream to be in the profession. That wasn’t necessarily the case for veterinarian Dr. Danielle Jehn-Campbell.

Instead, she became passionate about becoming a veterinarian after she unintentionally ended up in a lab in Michigan testing cows for tuberculosis. At the time, she was in school studying human medicine and surgery, but she decided to make a pivot in her career trajectory after her high school science teacher set her up with the state-run lab. 

“It never occurred to me to be an animal doctor until I started getting hands on with the state and realized how much I loved it,” Jehn-Campbell sAfter working with the lab, Jehn-Campbell decided her junior year to “make the switch and hurry up and cram animal medicine credits.”

Just as Jehn-Campbell’s journey to the profession was unconventional and unique — so is where she practices. Her veterinarian practice is on wheels. The mobile clinic, which is operated in a specialty medical truck, is coming to Summit County this February. 

Jehn-Campbell’s career in Summit County began in 2017 with the Frisco Animal Hospital before she broke off to start her clinic on wheels, Passion Fur Paws, in May 2023. 

Due to a noncompete policy that barred her from doing business in Summit County until February 2024, Jehn-Campbell had to start her practice in Grand County, operating out of Kremmling. 

With February just around the corner, Passion Fur Paws is getting ready to hit the ground running. She said she knew there was a need for a clinic that could bring services directly to people’s homes based on her interactions with patients. 

She explained that often patients would say, “‘Hey, can you come to my house and do this euthanasia? Or, ‘Hey, my dogs are having trouble getting up, and I don’t know how I’m gonna get him into the car.'”

She said at-home euthanasia services have been popular as some people want to carry out that process in the comfort of their own home. 

Despite limitations due to the size of the vehicle she operates out of and her staff’s size, her clinic on wheels has nearly all the same capabilities as a typical veterinary hospital.

“We have in-house lab machines. We have in-house cytology. X-rays, we can do dentals and full dental X-rays,” Jehn-Campbell said. “We can do full abdominal surgery. We have full anesthesia capabilities … We have a portable ultrasound.”

Her clinic also offers spay and neuter services for dogs that are under 100 pounds.

To celebrate the grand opening of Passion Fur Paws in Summit County, she is throwing a party at Broken Compass Brewing Company on Airport Road in Breckenridge Feb. 2. from 3-7 p.m. At the grand opening, there will be a raffle with proceeds going to Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment Dogs. 

Danielle Jehn-Campbell in front of her new mobile clinic, Passion Fur Paws.
Danielle Jehn-Campbell/ Passion Fur Paws

“They’ve asked me to be one of their main contacts for veterinary care for the avalanche dogs … and so all of our proceeds from that raffle will go towards that group and their handlers for any gear, food, supplies, training — whatever they need,” Jehn-Campbell said. 

Jehn-Campbell continues to work on growing her staff, but for now her staff size will allow her to operate Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. She said this could change as time goes on. To book an appointment text or call 970-485-1916 or email [email protected]

Written by Kit Geary for Summit Daily News

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