List Your Summit County property for Sale in the Winter??

List Your Summit County property for Sale in the Winter??

Sellers will often take their properties off the market if they have not sold by Fall or they will wait to list until Spring because a common belief is that homes do not sell in the Winter months.

Although there are fewer buyers looking during the 2nd Season (Fall to Spring) than during what is considered the hot Selling Season, a lot of the people looking when the weather is nice and school is out, never buy anything.

I have found that if people are looking at homes during the 2nd Season (Winter) are serious buyers who intend to buy. Fewer showings but the buyers are ready, willing and able to buy. Since showings tend to follow the light of day, the showing hours are compressed and evening appointments are very rare. Fewer, more convenient and better quality showings are less intrusive.

Since most Sellers believe nothing sells in winter, there is less competition for the buyers who are looking.

Less competition, less intrusion, better quality prospects.... Three good reasons to market your Summit County property now.

Of course, we offer Buyer and Seller Consultations with no obligation.  If you have questions, just ask!

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