Key Factors on deciding what type of home to purchase

Question: We want to buy a home here in Summit County but don’t know where to begin. My wife and I don’t seem to agree on what this house should be like. How do we get started?


Answer: Most homebuyers base their decision mainly on price and location, studies show. Other important elements are space, renovated kitchens and bathrooms, a home office, energy efficiency, and modern amenities. Although many of these elements can be added later, some buyers prefer to purchase a house that already contains what they want. When deciding what type of home to buy it can be helpful to make a list of both wanted and needed features in a home--this list, which can include any specialized features, can easily be generated by first considering unappealing aspects of the home. Buyers should give their real estate agent a copy of the list, and they should take a copy with them whenever they are out house hunting. Nonetheless, buyers often find themselves swayed by a house's ambiance and forgetful of their carefully constructed list. While atmosphere is important, to ensure a long-lasting happiness in the home, it is best for buyers to make sure it actually contains some of the features they want. Ó2008 Information.Inc.

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