Happy Winter Solstice to you!

 Happy Winter Solstice to you!  I love this day that comes in the midst of the Christmas/Hannukah/Holiday fun.  I love the shortest day of the year because it is the beginning of more and more light coming our way here in the northern hemisphere!  I love the physical fact that more sunlight is heading our way every day but more so, I love the emotional/spiritual feeling of more light and a "lightness of being" coming our way through the holiday and the coming year.
It's easy to get swept up in the commercial aspect of the holidays making it easy to forget what the true meaning really is.  It's fun to go to parties and give and receive gifts, but I believe that the most important thing is to pause and reflect on what we have to celebrate.

I hope the light and love of the holiday will fill your hearts! 

Now, get up here and come skiing!  We have more SNOW right now than we've had this time of year in FOREVER!  It's absolutely gorgeous and the conditions are PERFECT!  

See you on the slopes! 

And Here's Your Morning Coffee! 

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