Generation Wild with Kelie Gray

For this week's Shoutout Saturday, Summit Real Estate's Kelie Gray Shouts Out Go Colorado & Generation Wild!

Why Should Kids Play Outside? Remember running around outside when you were a kid? We do too. But somewhere along the line something changed. Kids are spending less time outside and more time on their phones. Generation Wild is looking to change that! Curiosity grows stronger. Self-reliance grows stronger. And guess what, so does your kid!

Tune in to check out Generation Wild’s 100 Things To Do Before You’re 12 Bucket List! Download List Here.

For more information on and Generation Wild visit or visit their Instagram @generationwildcolorado


#1 By April at 7/13/2022 7:17 AM

What a great video! I love this idea for all age groups-get out and play!!!

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