Did You Know? - Triple Dip La Niña

Did You Know?

This week Summit Real Estate’s Trisha Moore is talking to us about this Triple Dip La Niña happening in Colorado, and what that means for our ski season! ❄️⛷️

We don’t pretend to be meteorologists, but when we hear MORE SNOW, our ears definitely perk up!

So what is going on?
👉 For an extremely rare third year in a row, a La Niña weather pattern is set to take hold of Colorado this winter.

Had that happened before?
👉 There have only been 2 other times in the past 72 years when this triple-dip La Niña has happened!

How does this affect us?
👉 La Niña affects winters in Colorado by promoting warmer, drier weather in southern Colorado while northern Colorado experiences greater chances and consistency of snowfall.

We would have to say that we LOVE La Niña in Colorado, not only do we get awesome snow for all our favorite activities but it is increasing our snowpack for the upcoming year 👏🙌

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