Dear Ally - More Gas?!

Join Allison Simson in her #DearAlly segment as she takes YOUR questions and turns them into answers! Today she’s talking to us about GAS, not that kind of gas… ethanol free gasoline!

The Dillon Marina is now selling ethanol free gasoline year round! Why is this important? Well…

* Ethanol disintegrates and degrades fuel systems in anything that sparks * Things like marine motors, snowmobiles, weed whackers lawnmowers, chainsaws.

* These motors aren’t typically used everyday like automobiles, so the ethanol will degrade fuel lines and cause clogs. Stop by the Dillon Marina for your ethanol free gas year round!

Do you have a question for Dear Ally? Text her at: 970-389-1234 Want more information on Ally and the rest of the Summit Real Estate Team? Visit our website: . . . . .

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