Help Us Be Summit's Local Choice and VOTE Today?!

It’s that time of year again when our local paper, The Summit Daily News, runs the “Best of the Summit” contest and I’m excited to be nominated again this year!!  It's a fun contest and the results give you a great idea of who is providing great service and products in Summit County. 

I’ve been #2 or #3 for the past 7 years and would LOVE to make the list again – I could use your help! 

Would you mind taking a moment to vote and share your opinion with those who look to locals for the real story?  I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!

Just click here to help Summit Real Estate stay on top!!!  Please go to Best of Service and then Best Real Estate Agent...... I know it takes a minute or two, but it means a lot to us...and so do YOU!!!!

We are beyond grateful for your consideration. Voting ends July 25, 2015.

Hope you are enjoying this glorious summer! 

And Here's Your Morning Coffee!

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