A Wall Street Alternative: 5 Timely Reasons to Invest in Vacation Property

Question: Allison, with the stock market down, the credit crunch and the financial mess the country is in, our level of investing confidence has dropped really low and we don’t feel particularly good about playing the market right now. What recommendations do you have regarding investing right now?
Answer: That’s a good question…and my answer, of course, is Real Estate! With inventory in Summit County up, and prices coming down, we are seeing conditions in our market that we haven’t seen in a long time (I’ve been a Realtor here in Summit County for 15 years and I’ve never seen it like this…) Christine Karpinski, the author of “How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner, 2nd Edition: The Complete Guide to Buy, Manage, Furnish, Rent, Maintain and Advertise Your Vacation Rental Investment,  has a suggestion: Instead of pouring your money into Wall Street, why not consider Ocean Boulevard or Mountainside Drive?
“A vacation home can be a remarkably good investment right now,” says Karpinski. “Stock market woes have always pushed people to look for alternate investments, and real estate is a consistent stronghold,” she says. “Yes, home values are down right now but they have always rebounded. I wouldn’t recommend buying a second home with the expectation of flipping it for a quick buck, but if you hang onto it for a while-and better still, turn it into a vacation rental property-you’ll make a nice profit.”
So what makes buying a vacation home so attractive right now? Karpinski explains:
There are plenty of great deals to be had. Thanks to the aftermath of the real estate bubble, home prices are down right now across the board. That means in many vacation markets, you can pick up a beach condo or a mountain property at a decent price. And that means that if you’ve been kicking yourself for not buying a vacation home back before prices escalated beyond all reason, you’ve got a reprieve.
“Housing bubble or no housing bubble, you’re not going to get bargain basement prices on, say, a ski-in, ski-out condo right on the slopes-but if you’re willing to buy a few rows back, you’ll likely find that prices have fallen,” notes Karpinski. “Because houses aren’t flying off the shelf, there’s less pressure on you to make a quick decision. You can afford to take your time, do your research, and refine your plan.”
Interest rates are attractive right now. Recently, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates by half a percentage point in an effort to shore up America’s faltering economy. And rates have been reasonably low for awhile, following earlier rate cuts toward the beginning of the year. That’s good news for anyone (anyone with good credit, that is) who’s in the market for a mortgage.
“Add the lower interest rates to the lower housing prices, and it’s clear that now is the time to buy,” says Karpinski. “Of course, for the sake of our nation’s economy, we want the real estate market to pick up, but from an individual buyer’s perspective, the combination of lots of properties for sale, lower prices, and falling interest rates is hard to beat.”
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