10 Essential Renovations That Will Increase Your Home Value- Without Breaking Your Bank

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With all the extra time we’ve all been spending in our homes (and vacation homes, if you’re lucky enough to get there!), if you’re like me, you have some ideas about fixing up your nest a bit!  Here’s a great article I found with some perfect ideas regarding where to spend your money!  OR maybe you’ve decided you need a new nest altogether…and maybe, just maybe you’re ready for that dream home in the mountains!  We can help!  Whether you are just starting your search or want to upgrade what you have, give us a ring!  We are delighted to help…..! 

When it comes to home value, the real estate market trends that affect it are out of your control. Home improvement and maintenance, however, are influencing factors that are in your hands. Here are a few home renovations that will put more money in your pocket when the time to sell comes.

1. Make Your Entryway Pop

The entryway is the first thing someone will see when they’re coming to check out your house. Make sure this sets the proper mood for the rest of their experience. If you’ve got a cluttered or blank space, spruce it up.

Replace or repaint the front door, replace outdated light fixtures, and incorporate simple, understated decor. First impressions the first step to success.

2. Fix Up The Front Yard

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A visitor’s positive experience starts as soon as they see your home from a distance. By taking care of your front yard, you’ll not only be increasing the curb appeal of your home–you’ll also be sending a message to others that you take pride in your property. Your home will seem like a less risky investment if it’s easy to tell right from the beginning that it’s cared for.

3. Mind The Floors

Use a professional service to clean your floors if you’re considering a sale. It’s much cheaper than replacing an entire room with new carpet or wood and it can actually improve the appearance of your home quite a bit.

However, replace the carpet if it is worn to the point that even a good cleaning won’t regain its original appeal. If that kind of overhaul isn’t an option, put rugs down during your open houses to prevent potential buyers from getting hung up on a problem spot on the carpet and ruining an entire sale. Give your visitors the best chance of seeing the big picture while their initial impressions are being formed. Afterward, you can bring them up to speed on more minor issues like carpet stains.

4. Keep That Kitchen Kickin’

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The kitchen tends to be one of the rooms that potential buyers are most interested in, so it’s worth giving it the extra attention.

If you have the time and extra change, putting in a new counter or backsplash will certainly catch certain buyers’ attention. But start small–switch out things like faucets, lights, and cabinet handles. Altogether, these are meaningful changes you can do yourself for a relatively low price tag. Painting or refinishing cabinets can make the space look good as new, too, and is an affordable renovation if you can do it yourself.

5. Update Your Appliances

Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated a ragtag set of mismatched kitchen appliances that get the job done, but don’t look great in the process. While replacing different machines for a more cohesive theme can be one option, this obviously gets very expensive very fast.

The good news is that you might not have to buy all new stuff to give your kitchen the makeover it deserves…if you can just get everything the same color, that’s usually good enough. A lot of appliance manufactures will still sell replacement panels for old devices and many appliances even feature dual-sided panels for easy changes. Having everything in the kitchen the same color will have close to the same effect as having matching appliances.

6. Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

A few minor changes in the bathroom will instantly bring new life to the space. Do everything you can to get rid of stains and signs of wear, even if it means hunting down a new toilet seat at the local home improvement store. Change out curtains, rugs, and faucets for an immediate, significant impact.

7. Customize The Closets

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If there’s one thing people seem to love more than anything else in a home, it’s an abundance of storage space. Build large shelving units along the walls to make empty space on the walls usable. Even simply installing cheaper wire shelving can be a quick way to make your closets pop.

8. Fix The Little Things

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It’s never a bad idea to hire professionals like electricians and plumbers to give your home a look through. You’ll have to foot the bill for their services, but it will pay off in the long run. By hiring them to fix things like loose wires and leaky pipes, you’ll be preventing problems long-term. Potential buyers will definitely be curious about how well you’ve maintained these, and being able to show that they’re good as new will be a solid selling point.

9. Use Light To Your Advantage

If you’re considering selling your home, try to find creative ways to bring more light into your rooms. This will open spaces up and help you maximize the feel of your square footage. A few good ways to do this include adding accent lamps and ceiling fans.

It’s also important to make sure all fixtures have an updated look. Choose a brighter bulb color and replace things like faded lamp shades and unstylish fan blades.

10. Think Outside Of The Box

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Have a non-structural wall that’s in the way of an awesome room? Knock it down. Looking for something to make your house stand out? Start utilizing solar panels. Think your home doesn’t hold heat well? Add more insulation in the attic space. Creative changes can really help set your home apart from the rest of the pack. If you’ve got something in mind, ask a professional about how practical a certain improvement is to make.

The Bottom Line

The more effort you put into making your house a great home, the more you’ll probably get when it comes to your return on investment. It might seem a little daunting at first as you start consider every change you could make, but the best way to go about it is by focusing on a single project at a time.
Start with one room and slowly make changes until you’ve eventually hit every room you’ve got, including closets and attic space. That being said, it’s also important to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the week of your open house to start making changes. Improving your home isn’t as hard as it sounds and with a little extra effort, a huge payout can be the result.


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